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About us and our Nannies/Childminders insurance policiesAbout us and our Nannies/Childminders insurance policies
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Ask us to give you a call back regarding your Childminders InsuranceAsk us to give you a call back regarding your Childminders Insurance
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Insurance for Nannies, Childminders, Child Carers & Babysitters
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Do you have an Employer's Reference Number (ERN)
Is your child minder registered with a government organisation
Name of organisation
Other organisation ( if applicable)
Registration number
Does your child minder hold a child-care qualification?
Other related qualification (if applicable)
Have you held insurance previously in respect of these child care activities
Previous insurer
Date of expiry of previous policy
Qualifying Questions
* Must be answered
Has your child minder:
been working as a child minder for less than one year or have less than a years experience?
Have you or your child minder:
suffered any loss, damage, sickness or injury or incurred any liability in the last five years that has or could have given rise to a claim under any of the insurances now proposed whether or not insurance was in force.
Have you:
had any proposal or renewal declined, increased premiums applied or had cover cancelled by insurers (in respect of the risks to be insured)
had any prosecutions under Health and Safety at Work Act or similar legislation, or are there any such prosecutions outstanding
Have you or your child minder:
been declared bankrupt, been the subject of (or have pending) any County Court judgements or Sheriff Court decrees, or been convicted or charged (or to be tried) or been given an offical policy caution in respect of any criminal offences (other than a motoring offence)
Please note that if you have answered YES to any of the above Qualifying Questions we will be unable to proceed with your policy purchase online and would ask you to call us on 01803 698 456 to discuss your policy purchase options
You employ a home-based child carer in England, Scotland or Wales. They do not participate in any work, other than normal childcare activities, and therefore do not work at hights greater than 15 metres or depths greater than 3 metres. You or they carry out no work at, or supply products to, aircraft operational areas, nuclear instalations, petrochemical works, power stations or the offshore industry. You or they do not export any products to the USA or Canada. If you feel that any of these assumptions are incorrect, please contact us on 01803 698 456 as soon as possible.
I/We declare that the information provided in connection with this Statement of Facts is true and I/We have not withheld any material facts. I/We understand that non-disclosure or misrepresentation of a material fact will entitle Underwriters to void the Insurance. (N.B. a material fact is one likely to influence acceptance or assessment of this proposal by Underwriters). If you are in any doubt as to whether a fact is material please disclose it or consult your Broker.

I/We understand that this Statement of Facts shall form the basis of the insurance contract.

If any information contained in this Statement of Facts is incorrect or incomplete please advise us  immediately ( call us on 01803 698 456 or email us sales@devondirect.net ) as it may affect the way a claim is dealt with.
Please confirm that you understand and agree with the above declaration
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I/we consent to Devon Direct Insurance Services Ltd using the above supplied data for the purpose of assisting in generating a quotation for insurance and in retaining such data for future reference under the terms of our Privacy Policy :
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